Commission Original Art

Commissions are currently open for the upcoming 2023 year! 

Commissions are a wonderful way to give a gift to a loved one that is personalized, or add art to your collection that represents who you are and where you have been!

Commissions are priced at the same general cost as my regular work, however they are paid in two segments. Half is paid up front in a deposit, and half upon receiving the finished product. Generally, the time frame of a commission is minimum 2 months. 

I do both water-colour and acrylic commissions, and so prices will vary.

Please contact me on the contact page so that we can discuss colours, ideas and composition to make sure we are on the same page. 

I would love to work with you to create a custom piece of art for your home or loved ones! 

Commission Gallery 

Morraine Lake | 36x36 | Acrylic
Fall | 30x48 | Acrylic
Winter | 36x52 | Acrylic
Proposal Peaks | 40x30 | Acrylic
Ukrainian Roots | 18x24 | Acrylic
Panoramic Views | 18x24 | Acrylic
Lola | 18x24 | Acrylic 
Anniversary Commission | 16x20 | Acrylic, in a floater frame
Lake Agnes Tea House | 12x12 | Acrylic on Canvas
Sentinel Pass | 30x40 | Acrylic 
Floral Commission | 20x20 | Acrylic, Mixed Media on Canvas
Mt. Robison | 35" Round | Acrylic on Canvas